Property Rules

The Following Document outlines the standards and rules of operation of Arabella salon &
Wellness suites Ranch Mirage and is intended to supplements the Space License Agreement in
place between the Licensee and Licensor.

Licensor reserves the right to alter these standards and property rules at any time and for any
reason at its sole discretion . This policy is subordinate to the building owner’s policy, which
may change at any time at the building owner’s sole discretion.
  • 1. Suite Services
    • A. Licensee agrees to display and sell only beauty products, services, or supplies.
    • B. Licensee agrees to perform beauty services without disturbing other Licensee’s in the salon. If Licensee performs services (such as hair straightening, perms, or other similar services) which create noxious fumes or unpleasant odors and/or smells, Licensee shall be required to purchase an air filtration or exhaust system at their sole cost and expense.
  • 2. Suite Operating Standards
    • A. Licensor shall have the right to inspect and/or repair any parts of licensees suite at any time.
    • B. Suite painting must be performed in a professional manner. Arabella salon suites can and will provide license bonded contractors to help complete the requested work if Licensee would like assistance.
    • C. All suite ceiling area including paint must not be modified in anyway with custom wallpaper, lighting fixtures and/or decor without prior approval of the Licensor.
    • D. All modifications to the interior of the suite space, including but not limited to electrical, Drywall, and/or flooring performed by the Licensee (or the licensee’s contractor) must be approved in writing by the licensor and be performed by a licensed and bonded contractor with liability insurance coverage at or above five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000). Licensor shall provide an approved contractor/vendor list upon request. Licensee assumes all risk in hiring an outside vendor unapproved by the Licensor.
    • E. Licensee shall be responsible to repair damage to salon equipment, plumbing, and electrical fixtures that are damaged due to modifications, acts or omissions other than ordinary wear and tear, caused by the Licensee, contractors, vendors, employees or guests.
    • F. To assist In keeping the communal area consistent, Licensee agrees that suite windows can be used for display purposes only i.e. salon logo, product display or an accent fixture that aligns to the esthetic of your of your suite.
    • G. Licensee is responsible for the key to their Salon Suite at all times. Suite lockouts caused by the Licensee are the responsibility of the Licensee.
    • H. Licensee is solely responsible for properly securing their Salon Suite. Any loss incurred of any kind by unauthorized entry into your Salon Suite will be at the Licensee’s expense.
    • I. Licensor provides a communal area Wi-Fi system to assist Licensees with their essential business functions (credit card processing machines, emailing , text/ phone calls, etc.) the common area Wi-Fi network is not to be used for streaming media, including, but not limited to: Netflix, Amazon video , YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Apple music etc. if streaming media is needed by the Licensee, the Licensee shall pay for and maintain the telephone and or /internet equipment services in their Salon Suite. The Licensee shall also be responsible for the installation coast associated with their private connection. Licensor reserves the right to block any user and/or devices from the communal Wi-Fi system which are found to be streaming media services.
    • J. Upon termination of the Space License Agreement, Licensee is responsible for returning the suite to its original state prior to moving out. Licensee shall leave in tact all fixtures installed in/or attached to the suite utilized by Licensee. The Licensee may remove Licensee’s trade fixtures which can be removed without damage to the walls, floors, partitions, permanently installed fixtures or ceilings. The cost of any repairs to the suites done by the Licensor to return the space to its original state will be deducted from the Licensee’s security deposit.
  • 3. Daily operations
    • A. Licensee agrees to conduct his or her business in a professional manner and to interact positively with other Licensees and their clients. Licensee will, to the best of his or her ability, help to control the conduct of his or her clients and their client’s children, to prevent disturbance to other Licensees and their clients.
    • B. Licensee always agrees to maintain their Salon Suite in a clean and professional operational condition. The neat and clean appearance of each Salon Suite helps provide a positive experience for all suite Licensee clients.
    • C. Music, television, and similar devices shall be played at a low volume to prevent jeopardizing the integrity of a quiet environment to other Licensees and their clients.
    • D. Arabella Salon & Wellness Suites is a smoke free facility. Licensee shall also not smoke anywhere near the front entrance of property. There will be a designated area behind the building away from any clients and or other Licensees.3
    • E. The use of candles and any open flame product is prohibited. If Licensee requires the use of such products to operate their business, they will need to present a business safety plan with the specific details on the training and safety measures in place to assure the safety of the salon community. Approval will be at the sole discretion of the Licensor. If approved, the Licensee must adhere to the exact safety procedures on their plan. Licensee will be held responsible for any damages caused by the use of such products.
    • F. Licensee agrees to provide Licensor with current contact information, including any changes of address or telephone number.
    • G. No pets shall be allowed in the premises; as required by Rancho Mirage Market Place; except for service animals that Licensee is required to allow by applicable law. Any pets showing aggressive behavior will be asked to leave the premises. All pets must always be kept in Licensee’s suite behind a closed door. Pet exit and entry shall be done with the pet on a leash. Any pets creating any type of disturbance or odors portraying an unprofessional work environment must be immediately removed.